There's plenty to do at Sieku Glamping - and nearby - for adventurous spirits of all ages.  

We are located within some of Kenya's most beautiful scenery and landscapes and are a perfect break-away for nature lovers.  

On our doorstep are guided bush walks of various durations; superb mountain biking; horse-riding on private conservancies; forest hikes; clear, natural swimming pools; waterfalls; tree canopy walks and secret locations for dramatic bush breakfasts, picnics and sundowners. We are also close to some of Kenya's most beautiful national parks, as well as Mount Kenya and other mountain ranges.  

We recommend that to get the most of the areas surrounding Sieku Glamping guests should try and stay for at least three nights, with enough to keep energetic souls busy for several days.

Below are just a few examples of what's on offer near to Sieku Glamping.  We're happy to advise you with other options and itineraries on request.

Ngare Ndare forest

The boundary of the Ngare Ndare forest  is only 3kms away from Sieku Glamping.  Here you will find ancient trees, game including lions, buffalo and elephants, prolific birdlife and a series of excellent activities.  This is a great place to wile away the afternoon with a picnic hamper with family and friends.

The Ngare Ndare forest was recently granted UNESCO World Heritage status, and and plays a critical part in the elephant migration corridor in Laikipia and beyond.   

Sieku Glamping guests receive discounted rates to the Ngare Ndare forest.  Please arrange bookings through us for discounted rates.  

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Guided walks

The Ngare Ndare forest is the only one in Kenya with a growing tree canopy.  Many of the indigenous trees are over 300 years old.  

There are a series of walks with well-trained and friendly rangers who will knowledgeably teach you about the forest while guiding you through the forest.  

Being on foot in the forest is an excellent way to appreciate the unspoilt beauty of the forest and you may even get to see big game on foot, which is truly exhilarating.  

Blue pools and waterfalls

The spring- fed pools, known  locally as the “blue pools”  are truly unique and offerthe best natural swimming pools in Kenya.

The pools are fed by a spring with fresh water from Mount Kenya, and this feeds a series of pools and waterfalls all the way through the forest.

The pools are safe to swim in (no bilhazia or crocodiles) and several of the pools have cliffs of various heights from which you can dive from.  



Canopy walk

The forest boasts East Africa's largest canopy walkway.  Suspended high in the air and nestled among the tree canopy, the walkway allows you to walk among the indigenous trees, and also to be at eye-level with the many bird species. 

Below you you may be lucky to see elehpants and other animals below.  



Mukogodo forest 

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The Mukogodo forest is around 30kms away from Sieku Glamping - all through dramatic landscapes.  The forest is a great place to adventure out for a bush breakfast, picnic hamper or sundowner and appreciate some of Kenya's finest scenery.  

The forest is one of the largest in Laikipia and intersects onto the boundaries to Isiolo and nearby national parks.  There are several places for walking in the forest, and it boasts some of the viewpoints in all of Kenya down on to Samburu, the Mathews mountains and northern Kenya.  

Guided bush walks 

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There are a series of guided  bushwalks that can be arranged from Sieku Glamping.   Walks range from one to around four hours and cover much of the open areas surrounding the camp.  


Sieku Glamping is very close to some of Kenya's best - and most beautiful - national parks.  These parks are full of typical game - including large elephant herds and good leopard sightings - as  well as species unique to northern Kenya, such as gerenuks, somali ostriches, reticulated giraffes, the endangered Grey's zebra and others.  Birdlife is prolific.  The parks are surrounded with iconic mountain ranges and the mighty Elwaso N'giro river an important life source. 

These parks are around one drive from Sieku Glamping and a good day trip can be organised.

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Samburu and Buffalo Springs

Undoubtedly some of Kenya's best parks and quieter than many others.  Guests can access the parks with one ticket, crossing the river to access  both parks.  Over the years we have perhaps had more special experiences and encounters here than any other park in Kenya.  In Buffalo Springs there are little-known-about spring-fed pools to swimming in and cooling off.

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One of Kenya's most beautiful national parks which can feel remote and dramatic.    You may be the only visitor which only adds to the joy of being here.  Guests from Samburu and Buffalo springs can visit here on the same ticket.  

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Ol Pejeta

Also close by is Ol Pejeta, globally famed for its conservation achievements and home to the Big 5. Ol Pejeta is near Nanyuki town and open to the public for safaris, hence busier than the other national parks mentioned here.  


Secret places


We've been exploring the areas around Sieku Glamping for some time now and, while we have much more exploring to do, we've found some incredible places that are little known about and not used.  

These secret places are relatively close by and make up some of our favorite spots for bush breakfasts, picnics and sundowners with family and friends.   Just don't tell others about them once you've been.  

Do absolutely nothing

Sieku April 2017 028.JPG

Turn up, tune in to nature and switch off.   Life is busy and so come to Sieku and do nothing for once.  

We have been described by many as the "ultimate bush chill spot", and with several spots around the camp that are hidden away in the busy with magnificent views, it's easy to see why.  We love being lazy (but we never have the chance) and so we've filled our little hang-outs with day beds, hammocks, sofas, deck chairs and large floor cushions to make it just the little bit more tempting to slow down while you're here.