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Our ethos is important.  

It defines who we are and what we are all about.   It sets out what we strive for and what's central to us.  It guides how we approach glamping and shows what it's like staying with us.  

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Bespoke, small, unique, rustic, simple luxury.

These words sum up how we like to live, and we have applied this to all of Sieku Glamping.  

We are deliberately a small camp, which allows for a more intimate and exclusive experience.  Our tents and glamping style are unique and bespoke t; we are not just any old other camp.

We believe it's important to get back to nature.  We place a lot of emphasis on luxury but doing this simply and with rustic style.  

When you stay with us you will notice and experience a lot of luxuries, comforts and personal little touches that you might expect in a boutique lodge, such as organic soaps, hand-picked flowers, artisan furniture or really nice gin. This is what glamping is all about.  

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Being ecological (without compromising on comfort).

None of our structures are permanent. We're off-the grid and we use as many alternative and low-impact energy sources as possible. Almost all our lights are solar-powered.  Our fridges also run off solar, and solar runs our inverter systems; we deliberately don't use generators.  We buy wood off-cuts from timber yards to use in our fireplaces instead of other sources.  Gas burners heat the water for showers.  We keep plastic use to a minimum and we try and find alternatives wherever possible. We compost waste and any charcoal we use is entirely from organic matters. Water use is kept to a minimum and grey water used for the gardens.  

There is no refuse collection at Sieku Glamping and we don't have a rubbish pit; we kindly ask guests to take their rubbish away with them.  

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Re-wilding and restoring the eco-system.

We are investing significant resources, love and affection back into the land at Sieku Glamping after years of being left fallow and neglected.  

It's a slow process and a long-term project, but we've planted hundreds of trees, shrubs and flowering plants - and we'll continue to do so in order to bring the land back to it's earlier and healthier state.  We now have several maturing gardens which bring colour and life to the camp.  With trees and gardens the bird and insect life is increasing.